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Stand Up Golf Putter with Graphite Shaft

Stand Up Golf Putter with Graphite Shaft

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  • Suits 99% of golfers.
  • Stand golf putter with graphite shaft for men & women
  • Ultra Low Center of Gravity
  • More Stable for Accurate Aim
  • Free Shipping.
  • Material: Graphite Shaft
  • Head Cover Included.
  • "Stand Tall, Putt Smoothly: Elevate Your Game with the Stand-Up Putter!"
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    Correct Your Putting

    This golf putter can stand up by itself so you can set it behind the ball and walk back to check your alignment from behind and down the line. If you’ve made a mistake, you’ll see it immediately and you can realign perfectly before taking your stroke. After several practice,you will low scores quickly!

    Lower Center Of Gravity

    The extra weighted screws on the bottom of putter reposition the weight,make the center of gravity lower & deeper for better acceleration through impact.

    Advanced Alignment Top Line

    The alignment line on top of the club head to help golfers line up putts accurately and consistently.

    CNC Milled Hitting Face

    The precision-engineered CNC Milled face features meticulous grooves and a perfectly flat surface, resulting in a more consistent and controlled putt.This superior stability and balance translate into improved accuracy & better performance on the greens.

    Performance PU Grip

    High performance PU grip offers good hand feel to hold,non-slip & shock absorption,plus the ultra light graphite shaft transfer tons of feedback to your hands, enhancing your speed and distance control,make you more confident on every stroke.


    34" 72° RH 400g