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MAZEL Natural Golf Tees
MAZEL Natural Golf Tees
MAZEL Natural Golf Tees
MAZEL Natural Golf Tees
MAZEL Natural Golf Tees
MAZEL Natural Golf Tees

    MAZEL Natural Golf Tees

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    Brown & Black


    Blue & Black

    50 Pack (25*2-3/4"+25*3-1/4")

    Green & Black

    50 Pack(25*2-3/4"+25*3-1/4")

    White & Black

    50 Pack(25*2-3/4"+25*3-1/4")

    Yellow & Black

    50 Pack(25*2-3/4"+25*3-1/4")


    120 Pack (30*1-1/2" +30*2-1/8"+30*2-3/4"+30*3-1/4")

    Eco-Friendly Material

    Our golf tees made of 100% natural bamboo for consistent performance, which is eco-friendly & biodegradable,does not cause secondary environment pollution.

    Reduce Friction

    The glossy cup design minimizes the surface contact between golf tee and ball, effectively reduces friction and side spin for optimal accuracy & distance.

    Stable Support

    The tee CUP head measures 0.43 inch in diameter,enough to offer a stable support for the ball,designed for better durability and performance.

    Stripe Marking

    Stripe marking help you freely customize the height of golf tees which helps you achieve consistent golf shots and make golf games easier.

    Well Packaged

    All golf tees are packaged well in the outer bag,include 25 pcs brown (2-3/4") and 25 pcs black white (3-1/4"),it will be a long time before you run out our golf tees.

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