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Complete Golf Clubs Set For Men

Complete Golf Clubs Set For Men

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Lower your scores with the Mazel Golf complete set.

Dexterity : Right Hand

460cc Titanium Driver with headcover
#3-Wood with headcover
#5-Wood with headcover
#4-Hybrid with headcover
6 Cavity back Irons (4-9) with headcover
Pitching wedge with headcover
Mallet Golf Putter with headcover

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12-Piece Men's Complete Golf Clubs Set

This golf clubs set consists of 460cc Titanium golf driver,#3 & 5 fairway wood,#4 hybrid,#4, 5,6,7,8,9 iron,pitching wedge,golf putter.In addition,each golf club is equipped with a head cover for better protection.

460cc Titanium Golf Driver

The aerodynamic shape head design enhances the aerodynamics performance for easier swing,thinner titanium hitting face with high rebound,more efficient at delivering fast ball speed across the face, especially on mis-hits for increased average distance. And the extra screw on the back make the center of gravity more lower for easy launch.

Fairway Wood & Rescue Hybrid

#3,5 wood & #4 Hybrid feature a large sweet spot and low center of gravity, which helps increase launching ball speed and improve forgiveness.What's more, the high rebound hitting surface is built for higher & further distance.

Excellent Performance Irons/Wedge

# 4,5,6,7,8,9 Iron and Pitching wedge adopt with stainless steel heads and super graphite shafts ensure durability and performance.Then well-designed trailing edge will help the club glide smoothly through the turf,resulting in cleaner contact with the ball. This can lead to more consistent and accurate shots,especially on approach shots or shots from the fairway.

Mallet Golf Putter with Alignment Lines

The advanced alignment top lines make the stroke more accurate and easier,plus urethane Insert hitting face provide a nice smooth contact for more consistence and maximize forgiveness.


Driver 59° 11.5° 205g 45"
3 Wood 59° 15° 214g 43"
5 Wood 69° 19° 221g 42"
Hybrid 60.5° 21° 239g 39.5"
#4 Iron 60.5° 23.5° 255g 38.5"
#5 Iron 61° 26° 262g 38"
#6 Iron 62° 29° 269g 37.5"
#7 Iron 62.5° 33° 277g 37"
#8 Iron 63.5° 37° 284g 36.5"
#9 Iron 64.5° 41° 292g 36"
#P Iron 65° 46° 299g 35.75"
#PT 72° 3.5° 375g 34"