The Mazel Golf Chipper

The Mazel Golf Chipper golf chipper wedge 35 45 55 60 degree 35 inch

The Mazel chipper comes with a heavy( 330g) stainless steel head and a low center of graveness, which helps you get the ball off the groundreducing the number of fat and thin shots you hit as a result.
It also comes with a wide sole and shallow grooves, which reduces disunion and makes it much easier for you to strike underneath the ball. With all goods considered, the Mazel chipper is an excellent game improvement club that will help you meliorate your short game.
Mazel golf chipper wedge black
So, if you struggle to get the ball close to the leg from the frame or from anywhere around the green, the Mazel chipper will be an ideal addition to your golf bag.


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