MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver for Men,Right Handed,460CC,9.5 Degree,Regular Flex,8-axis Shaft

MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver for Men

8-axis Shaft


Brand Name: MAZEL

Club Type: Drivers

Shaft Material: Graphite

Gender: Unisex


Loft: 9.5 degree

Lie: 59 degree

Head weight: 215g

Shaft: graphite 8-axis Shaft


Precision Milled CUP Face

CNC Cup Face technology helps to reduce the face thickness,high rebound structure which is more efficient at delivering fast ball speed across the face, especially on mis-hits,still retain increased average distance

MAZEL GolfClub-Golf Driver for Men RH 460CC 9.5D Regular Flex 8-axis Shaft-001

Low Center of Gravity

Heavy Back Weighting with Extra screw removes weight from the front to reposition it low and back in the head for a lower,deeper Center of Gravity,great for long & high tee shots.

MAZEL GolfClub-Golf Driver for Men RH 460CC 9.5D Regular Flex 8-axis Shaft-002

Large Sweet Spot

Aerodynamic 460CC deep face design expands sweet spot for maximum distance from anywhere on the face,giving you the most forgiveness.

MAZEL GolfClub-Golf Driver for Men RH 460CC 9.5D Regular Flex 8-axis Shaft-003

Lightweight Titanium 2041 Head

The head material we use is titanium 2041 which is lighter,thinner and hotter,creating faster and steadier ball speed when launch.As you know,the thin thickness can make sound crisp,let you play more confidently!

MAZEL GolfClub-Golf Driver for Men RH 460CC 9.5D Regular Flex 8-axis Shaft-004

More Featueres

Why should you have this 8-axis shaft golf driver?

As it's newly designed for professional golfers to improve performance,which has much great advantages as below compared with common golf driver.

1.The inner 8-axis carbon fiber club adopts high modulus and high coefficient carbon fiber to build 8 axises on the inner wall of the middle rod, and evenly disperses 360 degrees, so that the hardness of each surface and each point of the club is consistent. Make up the disadvantage that the carbon fiber is unevenly dispersed in the 360 degree during the winding process and the longitudinal axis has less variation in the hardness results in the poor stability of the club. The more the longitudinal axis of the shaft, the higher the bending strength and the torsional strength of the shaft. The strength and stability of the shot is superior, making the direction of the hit ball more accurate.

2.The inner 8-axis carbon fiber club is made of high modulus and high coefficient carbon fiber for the 8-axis shaft. The rigidity of the club is fully strengthened, effectively reducing the impact of the ball on the arm and elbow joint. The arm is fully protected and the hitting speed of ball is further strengthened. The players will feel more relaxed during the swing and has an explosive feeling at the moment of hitting the ball, effectively improve the speed of the ball making the ball fly farther.

3. The axial type of the inner eight-axis carbon fiber club is from the coarse to the thin shaft type. The higher the level is, the stronger the tensile force of the carbon fiber is, and the harder the concentrated and uneven dispersion of the club is avoided. Even if the swing strength is large, the shaft can be accurately rebounded, which ensures that the hitting route will not be physically deviated, ensuring that the rebound force is transmitted to the hitting point in an instant, which improves the hit rate of the sweet spot.

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