MAZEL Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

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MAZEL Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

Automatic Locking Scoop

This trick exists on the automatic locking device of the scoop,which could block the ball Ingeniously and prevent it from being dropped when retrieving,extremely help you improve game efficiency!

Retractable Length

The ball pickup is extendable to 2M ,helping you retrieve the ball without bending down,save your energy and time to focus the game. Also,it's retractable to 40CM ,which is small enough to store in your golf bag,easy to carry when out for playing.

Standard Scoop for Golf Balls

The scoop picker up fit snugly for standard golf balls,easy to retrieve ball wherever it is on pond,bush or mud.The scoop size is as below: Scoop diameter:2.3 inch Scoop depth:1.9 inch Won't let golf balls drop again when picking up!